Welcome…     ET The Alien lives here.

Who is ET?

ET the Alien is a popular and prolific comments writer on many Australia media publications as well as an author and innovator.

ET believes that if you are going to complain about something, it is also your responsibility to suggest a solution. He does, often.

You can find ET’s works on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and all major online retailers.

Below are some of his latest works… enjoy!

Australian Political Essays – How to Fix the Pension Problem Worldwide

All around the world governments are panicking and trying to push up the qualifying age for the aged pension, and ...
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Universal Basic Income How It Would Work in Australia

A while ago, the leader of the Greens Party in Australia announced support for something called a Universal Basic Income ...
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Business Guide to Online Success

I am a consumer. I buy a lot of things online. I also sell online. And it never ceases to ...
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Parliamentary Reform, the Third Chamber

Like most western nations, the Australian Parliament has become a cesspit of self interest and party related vested interests with ...
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The Buck Stops Here Put Liberals Last

After all the political turmoil of the last week Australian voters have the solution in their hands ...
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Solving the Revolving Prime Minister Problem

The latest in ET'S series of Australian Political Essays. How to solve the problem of revolving Prime Ministers in Australia ...
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