Australian Political Essays – How to Fix the Pension Problem Worldwide

All around the world governments are panicking and trying to push up the qualifying age for the aged pension, and trying to limit it’s benefits. This is leading to social unrest that will only get worse.
Is there a solution to this global problem?
Once again ET the Alien comes to the rescue with his radical, out of this world, but perfectly sensible, solution to the world’s aged pension problem.

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Universal Basic Income How It Would Work in Australia

A while ago, the leader of the Greens Party in Australia announced support for something called a Universal Basic Income. Most people, thinking this was a unique and nutter idea from the Greens, canned the idea.
But the idea of a Universal Basic Income is not a Greens’ idea, it has been discussed for centuries by philosophers, political scientists and economists.
This work looks at what a Universal Basic Income would look like in the Australian context.
How much would it cost and how would it be funded?
How would you implement it?
And it looks at the huge benefits to society from implementing this idea in a calm, simple and effective manner.

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